Why, hello there!

Hey hey! I’m EmoGoggles and NO I’m not emo.

I’m simply using this blog to share some of my knowledge about various random topics with the world and the people I may never meet. I play many video games and know some stuff about certain ones I probably shouldn’t. I play mainly Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles, so don’t expect any Halo or Call of Duty help from EmoG.

I know a bit of programming with Python, since I am learning how to use it in school.

I don’t mind if you refer to me as any of the following:

  • EmoGoggles
  • David Harris
  • David
  • EmoG.
  • E.G.

There are a few others, but I’ll let you figure those out during the time you spend on my blog.

So until next time, sayonara!


About David Harris

I'm what many people have defined as a "cool nerd." I like video games, computers, etc., but I have a very active social life as well.
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